To provide you with a clearer insight into what you can anticipate, review answers to some frequently asked questions that may address your queries.

How will my credit be impacted?
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Your credit score may experience a temporary decline as you enroll in the program, depending on your current credit standing. It's important to note that a significant determinant of your credit score is your credit utilization. As the program resolves your debts, your overall debt should decrease, which should lead to a lower credit utilization and potential long-term improvement in your credit score.

What will your service cost me?
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The program fees vary from 15-29% of the total enrolled debt to be settled, and the rates may differ based on your state of residence.

How long will it take me to get out of debt?
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The timeframe for resolving your debt through our program hinges on the speed at which you can accumulate funds for settlement offers. The more rapidly you save, the sooner you can achieve financial freedom, usually within a span of 24-48 months. In contrast, adhering to minimum credit card payments might extend your debt repayment to 10-20 years, resulting in paying back 2x, 3x, or even 4x the initially borrowed amount.

What forms of debt can you resolve?
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We handle the majority of unsecured debts*, engaging in daily negotiations with major credit card issuers and banks to reduce outstanding balances. Some of the debts eligible for settlement assistance include Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Lines of Credit, Medical Bills, Collections, Repossessions, Business Debts, and Certain Student Debts.*Unsecured debt refers to any debt not tied to an asset like a home or automobile, offering consumers fewer complications as they aren't at risk of losing an asset if unable to repay the debt.

Falling behind on payments for unsecured debts doesn't give lenders a claim on your property or the ability to repossess items or foreclose on your home; however, they can file a lawsuit against you. If uncertain about your debt's eligibility, please don't hesitate to contact us at 888-861-5862.

Will I be sued by my creditors?
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While there's a slim chance of facing a lawsuit from a creditor, it's worth noting that legal proceedings can be costly, and creditors typically prefer to avoid them. Our goal is to expedite the program to minimize the risk of lawsuits and swiftly navigate towards resolution.

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